Are you looking for something to spice up your photo booth experience? Well look no further! Fobo offers you the ability to create custom moving overlays that can transform your photo into almost anything you want it to be!

If you’re looking to customize your photo booth experience even more, add a green screen to create a completely immersive scene! Check out the Winter Wonderland example we put together below:

There are tons of fun possibilities! If you have your own idea for a moving overlay or green screen backdrop for your next event please reach out to!

If you’re running the fobo app, you can develop a frame-by-frame animation overlay in Photoshop or your preferred image editing software. Each frame is loaded the same way a single overlay would be, and our patented Fobo photo booth software takes care of the rest, stitching them together to play over a still image or over a 4-shot GIF. In much the same way, our green screen function can be animated as well! The degree of animation is up to you: you can animate the entire backdrop image, or bits and pieces (as shown in our Cinemagraph post) to highlight specific areas in the background. These dynamic images can add a unique element to any event! Check out the how to set up video below for a tutorial: