In an ode to the original master of the photo booth, Andy Warhol, we have created a custom Warhol fobo PRO photo booth. It shoots four frames and turns them into an ultra flattering classic Warhol screenprint animation! The prints come out equally cool and artsy – a 2″ x 4″ full color grid of your photos. The Warhol Booth includes unlimited printing, branding however you see fit, and of course – our favorite – “Text Your Selfie” social sharing.

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One of my favorite pieces of photography at The Metropolitan Museum here in NYC is an innocuous photo strip with an ownership history as interesting as the piece itself. Originally owned by the legendary collector Sam Wagstadd it was, after his death, passed down to his friend, the artist Robert Mapplethorpe – who himself echoed Warhol throughout his career.

For Warhol, the photo booth represented a quintessentially modern intersection of mass entertainment and private self-contemplation. In these little curtained theaters, the sitter could adopt a succession of different roles, each captured in a single frame; the resulting strip of four poses resembled a snippet of film footage. The serial, mechanical nature of the strips provided Warhol with an ideal model for his aesthetic of passivity, detachment, and instant celebrity.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art