fobo photo booth is taking center stage at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International conference (WPPI) in Las Vegas this week. fobo is an all in one, open air photo booth that features the option for stills and animated GIFs, an easy to use touchscreen, streamlined social sharing via text and instant printing. A sleek and easy to assemble design ensures that the booth will fit in any environment seamlessly. fobo photo booth is for sale to photographers looking to expand their services, event companies, museums and libraries, TV shows and retail spaces; any place where high quality, instantly shareable selfies are in demand!

fobo is the future of photo booths

fobo does it all, and does it better than the rest. To launch fobo into 2016, we made a new stop motion video to celebrate all the features that make fobo the photo booth of the future. Read on to learn what sets fobo apart from the rest.

Easy to assemble + portable

fobo is light and easy to assemble and looks great. fobo comes with a custom case that fits into any sedan and the whole thing weighs less than 40 pounds. If you are on the go and need something that is easy to transport, set up, and operate on your own, then fobo is the answer. How did we come up with this? We have 12 years experience in the photo booth event rental business. The last thing you want to be dealing with is a complicated setup made worse by bulky equipment that won’t travel well. We have seen it all, and this is the photo booth that packs all 12 years of event experience into a small case. With fobo you will be up and running in no time!

Easy to operate

fobo features a simple touch screen that guides your guests as they take great images and print and share them instantly. The user interface is simple and easy for your guests to operate, reducing your workload at the event. All the magic happens seamlessly. It is fast, fun and very social.

Beautiful GIFs and stills

fobo shoots animated GIFs and stills, both in black and white and color. This is a choice the user has, before every click of the shutter. Your photo booth guests can opt for classic black and white to frame and put on their mantle or a fun animated GIF to share on their Instagram.

Social sharing via texting

fobo makes sharing easy. A simple print+text option gets images to your guests faster via texting and makes social sharing easy. Images can be shared on any social network and GIFs are sent as Instagram ready videos. Say goodbye to login screens, 3rd party apps and sharing sites and say hello to instant social media gratification.

fobo photo booth is now selling

If you are looking to add high quality, instantly social selfies to your business visit our site for pricing and details.