Animated GIFs can capture the spirit of a crowd and are a fantastic way to commemorate a wedding day. fobo is our new animated gif photo booth that can do it all. Animated GIFs are created from 4 sequential shots, assembled, printed and available to share instantly on social networks. Often, we associate animated GIFs with marketing activations or corporate events, but when one of our own staff members got married this year, he wanted a GIF booth! And why not? Nothing captures the action like a GIF. An eclectic guest list shot images all through the reception and created a wonderful way to commemorate the wedding day.

Wedding GIF Booth Rental

Our fobo booth is available to rent for your wedding. Features include: options for black & white and color stills or animated GIFs, instant printing, and direct texting to guests phones. Additionally you can have a monogram or logo on the images, or include custom social sharing, big screen projection with our patented slideshow technology, or even custom backgrounds with a greenscreen! The fun is limitless and for a wedding, nothing livens up the crowd like our fobo photo booth, the best animated GIF booth in the business.

High Quality GIF Prints and Images

We are photographers first. Our image quality is the best in the business and you can be assured that our animated GIFs can be shot, printed and shared online without losing any quality. fobo is built with the best lighting and camera equipment so like our Digital Photo Booth, it is like having a studio photographer in a box!

Beautiful Design

fobo’s sleek design will fit in with any event space. Taking up a mere 4’x6′ of space, it can be incorporated easily into any floor plan. It is an open air photo booth that will draw people into the experience; creating memorable moments to mark your special day. The easy to use touchscreen makes the experience seamless for your guests. Every detail has been considered to make this the best designed animated GIF photo booth in the world.

Are you planning a wedding for 2016? Our new fobo booth is available to rent! Contact us for a price sheet and a list of available features.