MVS Studio Inc provided our GIF booth for a very fashionable Calvin Klein event last year. The GIF booth is a great photo booth choice for a crowd that is dynamic, creative and social media savvy. Check out a few animated GIFs from the event below:

Animated GIF Booth Delivers All Formats

Our GIF photo booth shoots 4 images in a sequence and immediately combines the sequence as an animation which can be texted directly to phones. And just in case you thought we forgot about analog all together, in about 8 seconds a 4 frame 4″x6″ image is printed! So in a very short span of time, your guests can shoot images, get an animated GIF of their performance sent to their phone for instant social media gratification, and receive a print for their mantle!

Best Image Quality

The best part is that the image quality is kept very high. The foundation of our photo booth business has been our superior image quality. A fashionable crowd is used to high definition photos and we are uniquely equipped to provide the highest level prints, files, and a seamless user experience, because our equipment is just that good. Check out the full gallery of images from the Calvin Klein Event GIF Booth.

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