fobo photo booth at Biz Bash New York 2015

We presented both versions of fobo photo booth, “fobo” and “fobo pro” at Biz Bash New York earlier this week. BizBash Live is the largest one-day gathering of event organizers held annually in New York. It was the perfect opportunity to show off our latest and greatest photo booths.

fobo and fobo pro

fobo is an easy to use, social photo booth that takes great pictures and animated GIFs and can print and text to phones simultaneously. Options for slideshow display, greenscreen backgrounds and custom uploading are available on our robust “fobo pro” model.

For the conference we set up both models; a fobo pro station with iconic back and white New York City backgrounds and live slideshow display, and a fobo station that demonstrated just how easy it is to take and a great image or gif, and text it to yourself on this photo booth. Througout the day, we met event planners, and party organizers who all have a vested interest in presenting guests the next big thing. Check out some of our shots from the conference.

fobo is a social photo booth

When the digital photo booth began in 2004, everyone was blown away by the instant projections that were possible with our live updating slideshow. Typically the slideshow was large, a huge feature of a party. Now in 2015, everyone wants that image instantly on their phone. With more social sites everyday and waves of content, everyone is thirsting to get their image up as soon as possible. The easiest way is via texing, and fobo is our response to this growing demand from corporate clients, private parties and even weddings!

Get in touch with us today by filling out our contact form. We would love to set your event apart from the rest with our fobo photo booth.