fobo, our newest photo booth creation flexed its mighty muscles at the Equinox Soho 9th aniversary party this week. fobo did everything: stills and animated gifs, black and white and color, with custom logos. Guests to the booth share images with live uploading, and text messages instantly sent to their phones with images and video ready for social media sharing.

It was a pretty sexy, in shape crowd, and fobo fit right in! We designed fobo to do everything and cased its powerful puch in a sleek design that fits in at any event. And now, we are pleased to announce that this photo booth is for sale! With over a decade in the photo booth rental business, MVS Studio is uniquely positioned to design a great photo booth packed with all the in-demand features, and to share our knowledge of the event business with folks trying to break-in and start their business. There will be much more to come in the coming months so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out some of the sexy photos from the Equinox Soho 9th anniversary party!