The MVS Studio GIF photo booth makes everyone look great – even in Joe Dirt costumes! The GIF booth captured all the action at the Joe Dirt 2 premiere in Los Angeles last month. Guests were given a choice of suitably terrifying props, including blow up guitars and mullet wigs. But folks still wanted to look their best right? Check out some of the shots in the web gallery!

The MVS Studio animated GIF photo booths are equiped with high quality cameras, studio quality lighting and software that runs a process so seamless that it seems like magic! Guests to the GIF booth can see themselves in a live view camera, (very important to make sure your mullet wig is on straight, or your makeup looks perfect) and a countdown preceeds each of the four shots that are taken. The GIF booth assembles the images into a looping animation that can be displayed on screens or shared instantly on social media, and each guest gets a 4 frame 4″x6″ print. The whole process takes about 15 seconds. Magic!

The great thing about animated GIFs is that they are small, high quality mini videos that can be shared online instantly. When you give guests great images of themselves like we do, then all they want to do is post, post, post! Do you have a product you want to get in front of lots of eyes? A birthday shout out for a special friend? A theme that is too good not to live online? Then book our animated GIF booth!