MVS Studio created an interactive portrait project for the Corcoran Museum elevated photo booth images to the realm of fine art. The Corcoran Musem, based  in Washington DC approached MVS Studio to create an installation that would engage their visitors and create a lasting impact.

We designed a custom installation that captured visitors to the Musem in the Digital Photo Booth, equipped with studio quality lighting. The images were instantly projected onto large screens that were hung in the main areas of the museum, creating an engagment with the visitor, the space, and other museum goers.

This kind of instant feedback has been a preoccupation of contemporary artists in the digital age. From Warhol to early video artists, the technology that allows us to capture ourselves, and see the results in real time creates a feedback loop that is a source of fascination. It resonates because photo booth visitors are in both spaces simultaneously, in performance and in representation.

This is the heartbeat that our installitons are built on. At MVS, we have a conceptual understanding of how this works. It is not just pretty pictures, asthetics are used to tap into the magic someone feels at this simultaneity. That is why each guest, visitor or customer feels something special when they step in front of one of our open air, modern digtial photo booths. That is why the digital photo booth

Beyond simple narcissism, the impulse to perform and project is a preoccupation of the digital age. The technology allows it to happen, but the people give it life. The Corcoran understood this once they saw it, and invited us back on several occaisions to fill their spaces with the people that bring life to their institution. At the heart of every MVS Studio installation, is a person, capable of limitless expression, one moment at a time.