Mindy Kaling and Rhea Perlman in the Digital Photo Booth! MVS Studio provided our Digital Photo Booth, and our patented slideshow for The Mindy Project wrap party in Los Angeles. Mindy Kaling and Rhea Perlman took this fantastic picture midway through the party. The quality of the image is why the digital photo booth has been so successful for 10 years and counting. It is our mission to take the best pictures people will have of themselves.

The Digital Photo Booth is the cornerstone of our business; the most durable, customizable and highest quality open air digital photo booth in the world. It started the photo booth craze! The first version of the digital photo booth was developed in 2005 and was built to take studio quality pictures in an instant. Our founder and Creative Director Mark Van S was a commerical and art photographer who specialized in taking iconic shots of musicians. He took that energy and intent and packed it into a photo booth that was capable of instantly printing and projecting a live updating slide show. The Digital Photo Booth was mentioned in an event recap,  from the 2006 Whitney Museum annual benefit. The article siezes on the exhiliration of instant self representation, as it was provided by The Digital Photo Booth. The fact that the windows of the museum were filled with beatiful portraits was a lasting takeaway for guests and media alike. The selfie before there was such a thing!

We have come a long way in ten years, but it is always nice think about where it all started. Great photographs. The kind of photographs that populate more mantels than we can count! New versions of The Digital Photo Booth capture video, run complex greenscreen software, and have of course, gotten faster. But the core of what we do has not changed in ten years – making people look and feel their best.

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