The MVS Studio GIF Photo Booth captured guests at an Oscar party in LA and provided a little green screen magic for a custom look. The images captured a four frame animated GIF of guests looking at themselves in the review mirror of a Mercedes Benz and the only prop that we needed was a fake oscar trophy! We used a custom software and our high quality Digital GIF Photo Booth to shoot against a green backgroud and do a chroma key for what is visible in the mirror.  Next, the software masked out the people and laid them into a print and digital file that featured a custom designed digital overlay, which was the interior of the car.  Despite the technical complexity of the process, the experience was seamless for guests. Our equipment was our sleek and modern Digital GIF Photo Booth (which looks identical to our Digital Photo Booth), a printer with custom white cover and a wireless connection to the uploaded images on an iPad.

Our clients are always asking us for two things: 1) how do we do something different, i.e. a photo booth experience that will surprise our guests and 2) how can we not sacrifice any quality of image that our clients have come to expect from MVS Studio. Originality and high quality have been our calling cards for over a decade. By using the very best equipment and keeping the focus on user experience, we managed to pull both off!

This is why we get asked to do so many brand activations and marketing events. We are good at coming up with solutions that are original and preserve the magic someone feels when the process is hidden and the results are spectacular. Most of all, it is fun for consumers and creates a lasting positive brand impression. We have magically inserted consumers into the iconic Air Jordan ad at the World Basketball Festival and now with the internet trend towards animated GIFs our GIF Photo Booth is expanding to capture all kinds of unique marketing initiatives.

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