Last fall, Jordan Brand and Wieden and Kennedy contacted us with an idea: a series of brand activations using a custom video booth that comemorated the last month in the career of Yankees captain Derek Jeter. W+K had created an ad that showed Jeter approaching the plate, tipping his hat to the pitcher and the pitcher returning the respectful jesture. What follows is a flurry of hat tips – everyone from NYC cops to his Airness himself, Michael Jordan, tip thier hat to the captain. And they wanted everyone in New York to get the chance to do it. We set up a custom, high definition video booth, with live view, a simple touchscreen, and countdown instructions so that New Yorkers could pay their respect. The video was delivered instantly to a server that played the videos on the Herald Square billboard – a 50ft screen that mixed brand content and user videos. Here is one of the videos from the custom video booth setup:

Here is the ad that inspired the activation:

While we were opening the activation, a serendipitous moment occured. It was Jeter’s last game at Yankee Stadium and the home team was tied 5 – 5 with the Orioles in the bottom of the ninth. Jeter stepped up to the plate, and well, I won’t ruin it – the ending was perfect:

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