One of our images travelled from Brooklyn, New York to a Mexican coffee farm and then back again. Without the internet.

Last month at Tedx Gowanus, a South Brooklyn centric iteration of the talks series, Dan Shafer of Crop to Cup coffee company stepped into our 3D Wiggle Booth.  3D Wiggle Booth, a hot off the presses development from MVS Studio, captured 4 simultaneous shots of him tossing a sack of coffee in the air. The 4 frames were made into a GIF animation and displayed on a vertical plasma, and were available to share on social media. Then, we handed Dan a set of 3D glasses so he could see himself in 3D on the print!

Tedx Action 4

Crop to Cup is a Brooklyn based company that sources sensational and sustainable coffees for those who value authentic connections to the farm. Dan thought it was so cool he snail mailed the print and a set of 3D glasses on to his partners in Mexico. They in turn, emailed him this picture below:

Mexico photo

Tedx Gowanus was a South Brooklyn centric event, a series of talks on how community mobilization, the arts, and a knowledge of local history can effect the deveopment of the neighborhood moving forward. We were honored to be there capturing all the best and brightest minds!

Dan Shafer’s story is just a small part of how images continue to connect us, no matter how great the distance. Check out the entire gallery!