Our Digital PhotoBooth is pretty much like having a studio photographer in a box. That you can take anywhere.

So what happens when you combine the highest standards  in event photography with animated GIFs?  Well, at the Webby awards this year, Steve Wilhite, the inventor of the GIF format, before accepting his lifetime achievement award, stepped into our booth. So here it is: an animated GIF of the guy who invented the GIF. This is what the college kids these days are calling “meta”, right?

In over ten years of doing photobooths at events, we have found that the best interactive experiences are when the participant gets a chance to be creative, or at least, gets to let loose a little! Our GIF booth has been in high demand lately, from a party celebrating the birthday of a beard in Brooklyn (where else would that happen?) to a permanent install in the greenroom at CBS This Morning.

Get your GIF on!